Who Donated All These Cuttlefish Balls?

Who Donated All These Cuttlefish Balls?

This might not be the most consequential story you read today, but it’s ball-related so we’re obligated to cover it. A public fridge opened for donation in the Tampines region of Singapore found itself stuffed to the gills with squid and cuttlefish balls last week. The community fridges located at Block 441 Tampines Street 43 often see small donations from better-off families and businessmen, but never have they been full to bursting quite like this.

Member of Parliament Baey Yam Keng posted on January 5th that the fridges were full to bursting of cuttlefish and squid balls. He put out a call to the community to come get the food before it expired and to make room for other donations. Both of the community fridges were absolutely stuffed, and the donor remained anonymous.

It only took two days for locals to come and grab all the squid and cuttlefish balls. Obviously local residents, many of whom are lower-income, appreciated the donation. We’ll see if the fish ball fairy returns in the future.

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