Why Did Sears Accidentally Sell A Ball Stretcher?

Why Did Sears Accidentally Sell A Ball Stretcher?

Traditional retailers like Sears are having a tough time adapting to the new digital world we live in, but this is ridiculous. The legendary department store experienced an e-commerce snafu that had shoppers both laughing out loud and horrified when they offered a product called the “XR Brands Heavy Hitch Ball Stretcher Hook with Weights” in a search for medicine balls.

Obviously we all know what medicine balls are - those heavy spheres used for a number of different exercises are a key part of many workout regimens. But if you tried to use the Heavy Hitch to get swole, you’d be in for an unforgettable surprise. The device is a metal clamp that attaches to your scrotum and is connected to a pair of eight-ounce weights that use gravity to inexorably drag your ballsack down and increase its size. Definitely not what we were shopping for, and since the Heavy Hitch was the first search result things got crazy real fast.

When Sears customers noticed the bizarre product, they quickly took to social media to post about it. Numerous Twitter users recommended that people hit the site and it went viral in early December, despite the product having been live on the site for a few months. Sears quickly addressed the issue and removed it from sale, but never explained how the odd product got there in the first place.

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