Will Ball Pits Return After The Pandemic?

Will Ball Pits Return After The Pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic is having massive ripple effects through nearly every aspect of human society, as things we took for granted like buffet restaurants and karaoke nights now have the capacity to kill us or transform us into vectors of a disease we don’t fully understand. One thing that scientists predict simply might not come back after this is all said and done is the humble ball pit.

Let’s be honest with each other: it didn’t take a pandemic to make the ball pits gross. Kids rolling around unwashed in a massive bin of plastic balls is going to become a germ incubator, no matter how often you wash and sterilize the spheres. When you look at state regulations for reopening, ball pits typically don’t show up at all or, if they do, come as late as Phase 4.

“Covid has pretty much shut our business down for the moment,” said Jim Sitton, president of 21st Century Products, which manufactures ball-pit balls. “If the industry comes back, hopefully we’ll be around to see that happen.”

Will the industry come back? After being forcibly reminded of the germ theory of disease, will humanity put that knowledge away to roll around in a filthy hole full of hollow plastic balls, or has society moved past the need for ball pits?

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