Woman Smashes Neighbor’s Testicle

Woman Smashes Neighbor's Testicle

It would be really great if people could refrain from violence towards the testicles for just one day, but that is too much to ask. The latest tale of bad things happening to good groins comes to us from Nigeria, where an angry woman went ballistic on her neighbor’s nutsack.

Police brought in Kelechi Ugwu last week for the assault on Emeka Egwu. Here’s the backstory: apparently Egwu was friends with Ugwu’s boyfriend, but the two men had differing opinions on the lady in question. Upset that her boyfriend was listening to the neighbor’s advice about their love life, the young woman decided to take matters into her own hands and remove the obstacle.

When she noticed that her boyfriend had visited Egwu without stopping in to see her, she was consumed by jealousy and stormed next door. After an argument, she swiftly gripped his ballsack in her hands and squeezed with all her might, damaging his scrotum. He quickly went to the police who brought her in on assault charges. The naughty neighbor is currently awaiting trial. Let this be a lesson to all you meddlers out there: keep out of the way of a bad romance.

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