Woman Throws Husband A Sperm-Themed Party

Woman Throws Husband A Sperm-Themed Party

Getting a vasectomy typically isn’t a festive occasion - sure, it’s nice to be able to make love to your partner without worrying about birth control, but nobody’s going to argue that the experience feels good. One wife in the U.K. decided to make things a little more fun for her partner who was about to go under the knife by throwing him a sperm-themed party beforehand.

The gent in question is 36 year old Royston Smith, who fathered three beautiful children with partner Cherish Allen before deciding that enough was enough and opting for the vasectomy. Allen put together a wild shindig for Smith, printing him a custom T-shirt reading “The swim team may have been cut, but the coach will never retire” and serving a variety of delectable treats including spaghetti and meatballs and a chocolate cake emblazoned with swimming sperm in the frosting.

The decorations were equally cheeky, with Allen keeping the party festive with a pair of deflated red balloons and a surgical plaster. Smith was able to drink the pain away with a bottle of… what else… Fireball whiskey.

While we don’t expect vasectomy parties to become a major trend, this one looks like it was quite a good time for all.

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