Incoming Auburn QB Woody Barrett Throws A Pretty Mean Football


How far can a four star SEC recruit throw a football? Quite far. There’s no “gotcha!” moment here. It’s that simple. Sometimes, things are intuitive and we shouldn’t take them for granted.

So watching Woody Barrett throw the absolute mess out of the ball is impressive if not shocking. Barrett is 6’2 and 175lbs, and is categorized as a “dual threat” quarterback by scouting websites. That typically means that the player is capable of both rushing and throwing the ball at a high level, but for all we’re shown in the video it might mean that Barrett can throw it both far and super far.

Who knows if Barrett’s 0.9149 “composite score” is reflective of his ability to throw half the length of the field at a stand still, or if his 216 “natl comp” ranking is indicative of the compromised accuracy of those unreal, booming lobs. It’s also not clear if his receiver can hang with him at these distances, since the Auburn media team edits those return volleys out, but our guess is no. Especially since that final toss is measured at 69 yards.

69 yards is a lot of yards. It could be 68, or 70, but it isn’t. Thank God for that. And for Woody Barrett.