Watch This Guy Set A World Record For Nut Shots

World record setters are unique and fascinating people. They push their bodies to insane extremes in order to win fleeting fame and glory. And nobody that we know epitomizes this form of insanity quite like Amandeep Singh. The Indian strongman has a body that seems to be made from coiled steel, capable of insane feats of strength and endurance.

In the three minutes and change of this clip, watch Singh go through a number of torments, including standing strong against a flotilla of motorcycles pulling his arms, lifting motorbikes over his head, letting a car run over his stomach, smash dozens of bottles with his bare hands, spin dudes around with his teeth and more. But the one that’s relevant to our ballsy interest comes right at the beginning, when he lets his cohorts take shots at his unprotected groin with a massive hammer.

So what do you think? Is a place in the Guinness Book of World Records worth taking ten shots to the balls with a sledgehammer, or should Singh find better things to do with his time? And who will be inspired by this clip to take eleven nutshots and break the record?