Worried About Pubic Hair? Read This.

Pubic Hair

Grooming isn’t just for metrosexuals - taking a few minutes to make sure you look good is worth it for work, dating and more. One of the toughest things for dudes to manage is what to do with their pubic hair. The tangly mess can get really funky, especially if you’re an active person. So what’s the best way to manage the thatch in your underwear zone? This article can help you out.

In it, they pose some of the most common questions about pubic hair to doctors, stylists and other experts to get to the root of why it’s so weird. The answers might surprise you. For instance, do you know that medical science still doesn’t have a convincing explanation for why pubic hair is curly even if the rest of your hair is straight? There are plenty of theories, including the idea that it traps heat better or traps pheromones secreted by sweat, but nobody knows for sure.

The article has tons of other facts and features, including a tidbit about a young lady in South Africa who grew her pubes out to a staggering 28 inches long. It’s a deep dive into the thicket of your underpants that’s definitely worth a look.

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