Would You Wear A Testicular Face Mask?

Would You Wear A Testicular Face Mask?

Every reader of the Ball Report knows that we’re about as big a fan of testicles as you can find in this world, but even we might not go so far as to wear a face mask that eerily resembles a set of gonads. The minds behind Billy’s Ball Bags, however, have other ideas. To fight the COVID-19 pandemic, they’ve released a disturbing face cover that uses skin-safe silicone.

Called the BallBag, it’s been richly detailed with the cracks and crevices that you’ll find in a real scrotum. The only thing this testicular face mask is missing is a halo of pubic hair, but maybe you can let your beard and mustache peek through the edges if you really crave realism that much.

The deisgner, who hails from Blackpool and goes by the name “Billy,” says he’s already sold out of the first production run. For future orders, he promises that he can customize the silicone to match your skin tone. The face masks aren’t the first groin-related products he’s created - his small company also offers wall hangings, keyrings and coin purses modeled after the human scrotum. We’re not sure whether you’ll catch us out and about in a Ball Bag, but we applaud the effort.

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