Yadier Molina Took A 103MPH Ball To The Groin

Yadier Molina

There’s a very good reason that professional athletes wear groin protection. As players get more powerful, the thread ot stray shots below the belt transforms from painful to truly life-threatening. St. Louis Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina learned that the hard way last week when a pitch that was barely nicked by Kris Bryant angled right into his nutsack.

Molina crumpled like an accordion on impact and was rushed from the field. Doctors diagnosed him with a traumatic hematoma and had him in emergency surgery to address the situation. He’s expected to be on the DL for at least a month if not longer.

“That was a bad one,” Cardinals manager Mike Matheny said after the game about Molina’s injury. “And those ones don’t necessarily feel better tomorrow. That was hard to see.” We’re sending good thoughts to Yadier Molina for a speedy recovery and maybe he can get hooked up with somebody who makes tactical-grade nut cups, because the one he was wearing wasn’t sufficient to handle a ball moving at over a hundred miles an hour.

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