You Can Pay For A Beard Trim In NYC With Your Balls


Are you starting to get a little shaggy? Is it time for a beard trim? If you’re a New York City resident, you can get a facial hair shape-up in exchange for a testicle examination. You read that right, guys. Get your balls out for testicular cancer and participating salons will give you a cut for free.

The program is the idea of the Barba salon chain, which is working alongside the popular Movember charity movement where dudes grow mustaches (and now beards, we guess) in exchange for pledges to charity organizations. Barba has a special interest in testicular cancer, so they’re doing one of the ballsiest promotions we’ve ever heard of.

Here’s how it works: when you see your facial hair getting a little too unruly, book a beard trim at any Barba location in advance between December 1-3. After the stylist works their magic on your mustache and beard, a licensed physician will then take you to a private room and perform a brief but comprehensive check on your testicles, looking for any unusual lumps or growths. It’s the same kind of check that you should be doing on yourself monthly, but this time you get a free grooming for it.

In addition, the first fifty people who show up for their trims will walk away with a goodie bag of custom designed underwear emblazoned with a slogan reading “”Paid with my Balls.”

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