Pariah Underwear Are All About Ball Awareness

Pariah Underwear Are All About Ball Awareness

Awareness is the biggest gift we can provide here at the Ball Report. We’ve said it hundreds of times and will say it hundreds more. Regular self-examination is key to catching testicular cancer as early as possible, before it spreads. Now a new underwear brand called Pariah is joining the fight.

Scott Petinga was diagnosed with testicular cancer at 31. Although his treatment was successful, he’s still had to deal with the recovery, as well as returns to the hospital for screening to make sure that the cancer doesn’t return. At 40, he’d already spent his entire life savings on medical care, a pretty common – and sad – story in the modern era.

So Scott decided to put his experience into something positive to help others in the same situation. Looking to other brands for inspiration, he launched Pariah to make high-quality briefs and donate 50% of the proceeds to a variety of charities.

“I’m a huge proponent of taking normal, everyday products, specifically men’s products, and use the proceeds to fund innovative medical research in underserved areas of medicine.”

Each box of Pariah underwear comes with a testicular self-exam flyer, but this isn’t a simple charity case. Petinga claims that the CoolClean fabric Pariah underpants are made out of is the next best thing to wearing nothing at all.

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